Wired Microphone

KD 935S(Professional Dynamic Microphone)

ΩKD 935S is high quality of unidirectional dynamic microphone for vocal. It is ideal for lead vocal in a performance which needs high

specification and designed especially for usage in stage.




 KD 935S

Dynamic Microphone




● Solid metal case

● Handling noise prevention by special structure design

● Unidirectional pick up pattern

● Outstanding feedback elimination

● Large calier pick up coil applied

● Electric interference reduced with Hum revision coil

● Powerful sound for improved vocal projection



 KD 935S


 Dynamic Moving coil

 Pick up pattern

 Hyper Cardioid

 Frequency response





 400Ω ± 20%

 Open circuit voltage




 Dimension(W x H x D)

 ∮50.6 X 197.5mm



Includes :

  XLR/XLR Jack premium cable X 2, holder and pouch