Digital Podium System

Smart Podium(Premium)

It is total system which is consisted of writing monitor, integrated controller, amplifier and hull. Built-in computer system leads efficient lectures without separate devices.
● Cutting-edge and idealized design for the structure of a human body

● Various writing modes

● Transforming every video input signal to RGB or CVBS signal

● Intelligent multimedia control

● Stable audio

● Antitheft lock system

● Save and play a video for lecture

● Internet and email access

● Protecting circuit from the overload and overheating

● In connection with laptop computer, writing monitor works without additional setting.

● Dual monitor added for speaker reference

ETS-1902SL(Metal standing lecture desk – Basic type) : consisted of ①~⑤
TES-1904SL(Metal standing lecture desk – Basic type + Remote control media controller, sub-controller) : consisted of ①~⑦

① TP-1922HIB : Lecture desk body case(Metal + wooden finished)
② TP-1900EMR : 19inch monitor, touch pen/beam rider 
③ TCP-1.0SD / TC-1.0SO : Monitor writing software(GS certificated) 
④ TP-1922AM : Auto monitor(monitor UP/DOWN) 
⑤ TP-1920GCM : High sensitive noise cancelling gooseneck microphone for lecture desk 
⑥ DMC-1001A : Remote media controller 
⑦ DMC-1002TP : Sub-controller




ETS 1902SL.jpg

ETS 1902SL/ETS 1904SL

Metal standing digital podium 

Key features 

1. Convenient and easy writing system : Writing and operating computer on the tablet monitor with electronic pen 

2. Intelligent multimedia control : Control multimedia devices with built-in integrated controller

3. High tech lecture room(TCP-4.0STS/TCP-4.0STC5/20) : A/V system auto control and management based on scenario logic using auto

lecture save and control device after purchasing streaming server engine and software program

4. Efficient management(TCP-3.0R,S Option) : All the devices are under control of remote controlling and monitoring

5. Accepting internet broadcast and lecturing system : Recorded video is used for review(software option)

6. The best practical use :  It has the function of writing + external video composition and private curtain.

7. Customized software for option(TCP-2.0CM)