Hybrid Line Array System



GSX series is advanced concept of hybrid line array technology speaker system which combines the advantage of point source and

line array. It is powerful, convenient to set and easy to move. Also, it is utilized to flying array, stack or pole stand.

GSX series is made of birch which has features of clear sound and solidness. Well-known European brand speaker units are used for

high and powerful sound.

GSX series remedies weakness of point source type speaker by making enough vertical angle even under the low ceiling. Especially,

it eliminates the frequency offset and unbalanced sound shape by removing the interference of speakers. The problem of making

vertical angle which has been a difficulty of traditional middle/large sized line array is solved. Minimum 3 cabinets make enough angle

and it save the cost.

GSX series speaker is professional 2-way full range speaker which has birch plywood enclosure. This series is consisted of speakers from 6.5inch to 15inch, HF drive which has built-in 1inch voice coil is applied to all the speakers. There is cup hole mount under the speaker

to use M8 sized fly point and speaker stand for various type of rigging.




GSX 812LA - 홈피.jpg



 8" 2 Way Hybrid Line Array Speaker


● Full range bandwidth SPL

● Compact and light weight

● Fast and easy rigging system

● Professional neodymium driver unit applied

● SCS(Speaker Coverage Selector) system : SCS system gives 3 level of high frequency range sound pressure, so that makes the sound

    distribution even and clear. (Long Area+3dB / Mid Area 0dB / Short Area-3dB )

● Passive or Bi-Amp  for options

● Subwoofer(TSX-181SB) and flying combinations

● 2WAY Neodymium woofer / tweeter

● 2 Step array shading option for array form

● Birch enclosure fulfills high sound pressure and natural pitch

● Neodymium magnet type of differential driver woofer is applied for powerful output and light weight



GSX 812LA 

 Power rating

 Passive : 300W / 600W / 1200W

(Continuous / Program / Peak)

Bi-amp LF : 250W / 500W / 1000W

(Continuous / Program / Peak)

Bi-amp HF : 80W / 160W / 320W

(Continuous / Program / Peak)

 Frequency range


 Frequency response


 Nominal impedance

 Passive : 8Ω / Bi-amp LF : 8Ω / Bi-amp HF : 16Ω


 90°(H) x 15°(V)

 LF Driver

 96dB@ 1W(1m)/ / Neodymium magnet x 1EA / 2.5" Voice coil

 HF Driver

 126dB@ 1W(1m)/  / Neodymium magnet x 1EA / 0.8" Voice coil

 Dimension(W x H x D)

 275 x 440 x 300 mm


 14.7 kg

  Flying combination

   With subwoofer GSX151SB