Gooseneck Microphone

GM 848P2

Built in premium unidirectional microphone satisfies users with clear and high quality sound for any purpose not only for conference

but also for general speech. (For phantom power supply model, consistent LED ring brightness and normal operation are guaranteed

when DC48V full power is supplied.)




 GM 848P2

 Twin Condenser/Microphone

Eliminated Trouble Sound






GM 848P2


Twin mount gooseneck

condenser microphone


 -40dB (3dB / Pa. 1 kHz)


 less Than 1kΩ

  Directional Characteristic

  Uni-Directional Cardioid

 Frequency  Characteristic



  DC 48V Phantom

 Sensitivity Reduction

Within -3dB at 1V  


More than 60dB  

 Battery life

10 hours  


  28.5∮ x 535 mm


 340 g (excluding battery)