Analog Conference System

ACS 600 Series

It is advanced conference system which is perfect solution to meet all scale of conference setups from small to large by delivering realistic and smooth control of conference system. This conference system provides functions such as limit the number of speaker, all speakers speak simultaneously, or one speaker at a time. Also, reserve to speak, T-type connector module, built in speaker, and built in speaker, and built in micro processor ensures trouble free conference process.



ACS 600MC_608PMC.jpg

Main controller/80W Amplifier embedded controller


ACS 600CR.jpg

ACS 600DR.jpg

 ACS 600CR

For chairman

 ACS 600DR

For delegate








 ACS 600MC / ACS 608PMC(Main Controller)

 ACS 600CR/DR (Chairman/Delegate unit)

 Frequency Response

 80Hz - 20kHz

80Hz - 20kHz

 Audio Signal Output

 0dB (Balance & Unbalance 600)

 0dB (Balance 600)

 Control Method


 8bit Micro Processor control

 Connection Method

 D-SUB 9Pin or D-SUB 10Pin line connector

D-SUB 9Pin male to female

 Maximum number of Mic units



 Rated Voltage

 AC 220V 60Hz

No-load : 17W / At Maximum load : 250W

DC 24V(from main controller)

stanby : appx. 380mV / operating : appx. 1.44mV

 Dimension ( W x H x D )

 483 x 88 x 310 mm

 130 x 539 x 170 mm



0.4 kg / 9kg





ACS 600RC.jpg
Remote controller

● Remote controller part(patent 10-2003-0029195)

● Gain drop preventing circuit

● ALC(Automatic Level Control) circuit

● Advanced S/N ratio with balanced voice signal transmission and receiving


 ACS 600RC

 Control Method

8bits microcontroller

 Connection Method

 D-SUB 9Pin

 Rated Voltage

DC 24V(from main controller), appx. 8W

 Dimension ( W x H x D )

120 x 62 x 186 mm


 0.675 Kg




VMC 500C.jpg
VMC 010M.jpg
 VMC 020M.jpg

 VMC 500C

5M Multicable connector

  VMC 500C

10M Multicable connector

  VMC 500C

20M Multicable connector