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Auto distributor amplifier(AD 2202A)

AD 2202A.gif

 AD 2202A

 Auto Distributor Amplifier

● Mono or stereo operation

● Audio signal input and output ratio setting to 1:10 or 2:5

● Split 1 CH to 10 CH(1:10, 2:5, stereo alternative)

● Input and output balance type, output 0dB to +4dB


AD 2202A 

 Input sensitivity / Impedance

 1V(0dB) / 15kΩ balance 

 Output sensitivity / Impedance

 1V(0dB) / 600Ω balance

 Frequency response

 <0.5dB(20 Hz~20kHz)

 S/N ratio

70 dB 



 Cross tack

 > 80dB 

 Rated voltage 

DC 24V, 3W 


 483 x 44 x 280 mm


 3.5 kg