Public Address System (Emergency)

Logic matrix(LM 2203A)

LM 2203A.jpg

  LM 2203A

 Logic Matrix

● Broadcast based on priority of order

● Auto transfer to emergency and remote broadcast based on preset of priority, when emergency signal is input, with the connection

    of emergency alarm, relay group.

● Connection socket for extension more than 20 channels

● Speaker line of ignition and the upper floor controlling connect to fire detector

● Auto lighting to distinct the ignition floor in the event of fire

● Fire controlling circuit : 20


LM 2203A 

 Relay group control line

20 lines 

 Program exchange mode


Priority of order 

 Fire sensor / Emergency speaker selector

/ Timer /  Remote 1, 2 / Speaker selector


5 modes 

Rated voltage 

DC 24V 


483 x 44 x 298 mm


3.1 kg