Public Address System (Emergency)

Remote amplifier(RA 202A)

RA 202A.jpg

 RA 202A

 Remote Amplifier

● Easy to use with digitail controlling of multi-functional soft switch

● Don't need reset for microphone use as it saves the lastest channel.

● The lastest channel can be broadcasted only with switches.

● Prealert melody before the broadcast with microphone can be chosen

● 3 options for melody(Do, Mi, Sol, Do / Ding-dong / Mute)

● Auto transmission of melody prealert after selecting the melody with switch on the microphone

● Broadcast external signal through built-in AUX jack

● D-SUB connection for preventing exposure of wire and user convenience.

● Easy connection of main device with VASCOM RA-201CN


 RA 202A 

 Frequency characteristic

80 Hz ~15kHz ±3dB 

 Residual Noise

< -90dB 

 Distortion ratio

 < 0.5%


DC 24V 


225 x 56 x 186 mm 


1.5 kg