Public Address System (Emergency)

Power distributor(PD 2213A)


 PD 2213A

 Power Distributor

● AC outlet attached for comprehensive power supply to rack system

● ON/OFF controllable in one device by remote connection

● When the rack system is reapply power after switch ON/OFF or blackout, power shock noise is occured.

    To prevent this noise, the power which output of AC outlet is delayed.

● In case of change the powered off device to emergency mode with remote swtich, the power is supplied to the rack system  by

    auto turning on of switch circuit.

● Delaying operation :  When the software is powered on, the power is supplied gradually.


PD 2213A 

 Remote Terminal


 Rated voltage

 AC 220V / 60 Hz

 AC power

 Switched zone - A, B, C : 220VAC / 600W /

 Switched zone - A, B, C :  Each MAX(12A)


 483 x 88 x 298 mm


 6 kg