Digital Public Address System

Power distributor(PD 902E)

Power distributor control and supply power to combination of audio system in consecutive order. By turning on each device of high

power audio system at the same time, it effectively prevents overload and impulse noise.



PD 902E.jpg


PD 902E

Sequence Power Supply



● Protect device and preventing noise with 8 CH sequence power distribution

● Voltage display

● Power consumption display

● Sequency time selectable(1/2 SEC.)

● System extension with link function(limitless)

● Outlet cover for safety

● DC24V/1.5A output terminal

● Remote control


 PD 902E


 8 channel + fixed 1






 DIN 4 Pin cable


 Power, channel on, Bypass

 Output terminal

 Standard 3 wire outlet

 Rated voltage

 220V, 60Hz


 483 x 88 x 298 mm


 7.8 kg