3D Virtual Studio A/V Mixing Master

AVM 2000HS


AVM 2000HS A/V integrated mixer is for high quality of video and audio. This single device edits, transmits and records various HDMI or HD-SDI source of camera, DVD and Blu-ray up to 30 frames per second without degradation but together with subtitles and audio. It is ideal for different type of broadcast, lecture, seminar or events.
The user doesn't need separated audio mixer or video operator and easily operates for smooth video and audio transition with only one preset. Its maximized interoperability between A/V integrates, edits and transmits various types of video and audio signals with subtitles and images.
It saves multi-media linked scenario input up to 64 bank presets for easy operation of all sort of events or broadcast. The registered preset accelerator button helps the user to operate the device conveniently and prevents any accidents during the live broadcast.

AVM 2000HS [1].png

    EAVM 2000HS

AV Mixing Master



●  Full HD virtual studio
- Virtual studio direction with high sensitivity chroma-key
- Diverse video effects(PIP enlarge, move, auto preset, etc.)
- Unlimited background with image or video
- External input video up to 3CH/Internal input 1CH 

●  HD video mixer embedded
- Various input/output (HDMI, HD-SDI, video, etc.)
- Video and image synthesis
- Analogue audio input/output 2in/8out support(include A/V synchronization function)
- External A/V matrix switcher linkage
- Special screen transition effect support(fade-out, wipe, dissolve, cut, etc.)

●  Character generator embedded
- Real-time subtitle transmission(vertical/horizontal unflickering scroll)
- Various subtitle effects transmission(scroll, still, dimmer, etc.)
- High quality anti-aliasing subtitle output without jagging

●  HD file recording and real time transmission
- MPEG4/WMV type real time recording and transmission

●  Auto solution for edit, recording and transmission embedded
- 64CH A/V preset automation bank setting support
- One-click preset accelerator support(preventing transmission delay or any accident during the live broadcast with only one button)




AVM 2000HS 


 i5 Quad-Core



 Video input


 Video output

 HDMI / HD-SDI total 2CH

 Audio input

 Analogue 2CH(extended to 10CH with EMX 3035MP), Digital 32CH

 - 3.5mm stereo input 1CH

 - HDMI or HD-SDI 8x3CH(24CH in)

 Audio output

 Analogue 8CH(extended to 16CH with EMX 3035MP)

 - 3.5mm stereo input 4CH






 19" Rack mountable type


 Real-time virtual studio, subtitle transmission,

Chroma-key, A/V Matrix, switching, recording