Since 1987, DK VASCOM has been manufacturing and
distributing pro audio and video equipments in South Korea.

Twenty eight years of research and development of analog and digital products build up the knowledge and know-how to manufacture more advanced and high quality products. Our R&D team consists of software and hardware engineers, so all of technical support can be done internally. We have achieved many award as a leading manufacturer in Korea and many patents we hold differentiate our products from competing products.
In addition, all our products are 100% manufactured from our factory in South Korea to maintain system, Public address system, HDMI Matrix Switcher, Multi-Source Player, Digital Sound Controller, Digital Studio AV mixing Master, and many more.

To become the top-ranked
corporation that gives faith to the
global society and that will be
eternally admired.
To solidify management transparency and
reliability of our power generation business by
establishing an open-minded management
system and disclosing information.
To make efforts endlessly for
advanced technology based on
human beings.