Wireless Microphone

PSW 300 Series

Analog/Digital Hybrid Wireless Microphone System

- Optimized PLL synthesizer and microprocessor technology

- Pilot tone squelch control

- True diversity technology

- Broad switching bandwidth and fine channel adjustment by 25kHz

- Frequency group composed of channels minimizing influence of secondary and tertiary intermodulation

- Searching channel not in use from frequency group

- Analogue compander technology with high resolution for vocal and high-sensitivity speech

FSW dddddd.jpg

1)RF characteristics


Wideband FM

Frequency ranges / Receiving frequencies

A band : 516-558MHz (42MHz /1,680 receiving frequencies)

B band : 626-698MHz (72MHz / 2.880 receiving frequencies)

K band : 925-937.5MHz (12.5MHz / 500 receiving frequencies)

Intermodulation free frequency group

20 frequency groups, each with up to 32 factory-preset channels (12 channels for K band)

Nominal / peak deviation

±24kHz / ±48kHz

Receiver principle

True Diversity

Adjacent channel rejection

Typ. 75dB

Intermodulation attenuation

Typ. 70dB


5 to 25dBuV, adjustable in steps of 2dB

Pilot tone squelch

Can be switched off

Antenna inputs

2 BNC sockets

RF output power

A, B band : 10mW, 30mW, 100mW

K band : 3mW, 5mW, 10mW