Digital Conference System

DCS 7200

DCS 7200 Series is conference system which is controlled by digital signal. To prevent malfunction due to the affect of noise, it applies

R485 data communication mode and carries out long distance transmission. Especially with the link system of 'T-connector', it is designed and set conveniently and safely. Built-in microphone tracking camera makes the easier video conference system.

Classy and simple designed and high quality of microphone unit were applied. Also, ID is created with DIP switch. 

Intuitive LED display is attached. Multiple microphone for chairman can be connected.

It is intelligent system which is suitable for all conferences and the whole video/audio data in the conferences can be recorded in the

level of HD/SD automatically.


All functions are controlled by GUI touch screen and PC control.

The camera automatically tracks the speaker during the conference.


DCS 7200MC.png

 DCS 7200MC

 Main controller




DCS 8200 CR.png




DCS 8200 DR.jpg

 DCS 7200CR

 DCS 7200DR

 Microphone for chairman

  Microphone for delegates

DCS 8200RC.jpg
   DCS 7200RC
Conference System Controller





 Ralated to 

managing conference

operating mode 

 Standard mode

/ Extended control mode


Setting the number of speaker 

 Free Mode

User Mode : 1~5

FiFo Mode :  1~5


Simultaneous use


Reservation mode

 None / 1 ~ 5


 Auto Mic OFF

 None / 3 ~30sec.

 Auto turn-off without speech

after determined time limit

  Auto Mic ON

 Activate / Deactivate

 Auto turn-on with speech

 Emergency speaking

 Activate / Deactivate


The number of participant setting



 Related to system

Camera position Interface


16 position switch point of contact

DIP SW ID designation

Effect sound

Voice or melody sound effects

/  background music transmission


 System specification

 Main connection

 D-SUB 9Pin cable

 Main to T-connection

/ 40set per 4 port

 Sub connection

 UTP 8Pin cable

 T-connector to unit

 Main power Amplifier

60W RMSx2(120W)

 VDS-7000 with 60W

 Line IN/OUT


 Balanced XLR



 Unbalanced RCA

 Current consumption

 400 W Max

 @ AC 220V/60Hz

 Power fuse

 8A 250V


Maximum unit number for connection


 120 sets

(1ea of main controller)


 240 sets

(additional power supply needed)