Public Address System (Emergency)

Emergency speaker selector(ES 2208A)

ES 2208A.jpg

 ES 2208A

 Emergency Speaker Selector

● Auto fire detector : With 20 EA of fire detector signal, it control the line of fired and the upper floor. The connecting socket of fire

    detector is constituted of connecter and terminal, it is easy to use. In case of emergency, it manually controls more than 20 of

    emergency speaker and swtich / entire speaker.

● Lamp indicator : In case of fire, the lamps of the lines which are operated manually light on, The lamp of the fired floor light off even

    though the line is operated manually.

● Extension : It controls floors and is extended to more than 20 floors simply using connector.

● Basement broadcast : It conveniently controls all the basement from 1 to 6 floors as one floor.


ES 2208A 

 Fire detective line

20 lines 

Rated voltage 

DC 24V 


483 x 44 x 298 mm 


3.5 kg