Digital Public Address System

Digital multimedia multipurposed control system

This system is integrated multimedia software for control interlocking with VASCOM DBS smart digital integrated broadcast series.

This integrated software based on embedded which contains various multimedia  source player for smart digital PA system for diversified or integrated broadcast.

Remote TTS, remote broadcast, remote control are available. The software transmits diversified audio source by integrating or dividing.

DTS and video which are default of the device output 7.1 channel surround audio. It is cutting-edge smart digital integrated broadcast embedded software and output various video and musicvideo realistically and three-dimensionally.

Stereophonic sound, video facility  for public address studio / conference room of company or  government office

Internet broadcast for school and university

Theater and cinema stereophonic sound system

DTC 9010S.jpg


DTC 9010S

Total Multimedia Controller



● Integrated control of stereophonic sound system

● Interlock with DTC 1701TP touch controller and DBS 3310MC main controller

● Transmissin of remote internet broadcast

● Diversificated broadcast output

● Multi channel digital A/V mixer embedded

● Subtitle generator embedded

● TTS text transfer and output to audio

● Multi channel reseved broadcast transmission

● Juke box

● 7.1 channel DTS solid audio circuit and software embedded

● Mobile processor based low power using less than 200W

● Individual operation without server

● DTC 9010SV is needed for remote broadcast or control

DTC 9010SV.jpg



DTC 9010SV

Multimedia Server


● Multi media server

● Wired/wireless integrated broadcast server

● Interlock with DTC 9010S

● Mobile or PC broadcast mutitasking

● Wired/wireless end terminal certification

● TTS text transfer to wired/wireless end terminal and streaming live broadcast

● Mobile and PC remote broadcast program support

● Mobile processor based low power using less than 200W


DTC 9010SV 


 intel i7 processor embedded


 2GB DDR3 RAM embedded

 Video output

 RGB, DVI dual monitor output


 Windows 7 embedded






DTC 1701P

Touch Panel



Touch controller for smart digital integrated broadcast

● Various broadcast devices control with touch screen input

● Remote/local broadcast video output

● Integrated broadcast system monitoring

● TTS text output