3D Virtual Studio A/V Mixing Master

AVM 3003HS

Providing optimal digital image processing for live production and contents in corporate and school broadcast network.


AVM 3003HS : General model




AVM 3003HS

AV Mixing Master


Full HD 2D/3D Virtual Studio

- Virtual studio production with Chroma-key technique

- Various image effects such as virtual camera zoom, rotate, move, auto preset, etc.

- 2D or 3D images and movies can be used as background

- Up to 5 channels external video input / Up to 4 channel internal input and virtual camera input/output

- Virtual light angle, brightness, color adjustment

- 9 split display without additional splitter


HD video/audio mixer

- Wide selection of input and output(HD-SDI, HDMI, HDMI, RGB, DVI, etc.)

- Various image and video composite output (2D/3D file I/O support)

- Interlocking external video matrix switcher

- Audio input and output up to 10 input-16 output support

- Digital audio mixer embedded(input/output volume electric fader GUI console support)

- Audio Cross-fading, 3 Band EQ, Matrix switching support

- Special display transition effect support(fade-out, wipe, dissolve, cut, etc.)P

- Video projection over curved surface


HD Character generator embedded

- Real-time subtitle transmission (vertical/horizontal unflickering scroll)

- Various subtitle effects(scroll, still, dimmer, etc.)

- High quality of Subtitle with anti-aliasing


HD file recording and real-time internet broadcast

- MPEG4/H.264 form of HD video real-time recording and internet broadcast

- HD surround audio up to 7.1 channel real-time streaming


Editing, recording and transmitting automation solution embedded

- 64 channels A/V Preset automation bank setting support

- Video and audio mixer cross-fading mixer interlocking for bank choice

- One-touch preset accelerator support

  : Prevents any accidents during the live broadcast with preset bank button which controls A/V integrate mixing.

- Rehearsal mode support for virtual studio and digital audio mixer

- Embedded camera controller interlocking with preset accelerator.

Special effects

- A/V Cross-fading mixer DSP embedded

- 3D virtual camera auto preset animation effect support for preset transition

- Wide range of usage such as product demonstration, education, display, building information with 64 banks preset rehearsal mode





 AVM 3003HS 



 3.9GHz, 4 Core

 RAM Memory


 Graphic card

 > RADEON HD7750

Storing device

 SSD 120G + HDD 1TB

  Video In-out

(HDMI or HD-SDI, webcam compatable)

  4 IN - 2 OUT

 Audio In-out (external input/output)

 2 IN - 8 OUT


 Operating system

 Win7 64Bit


4:4:4 (RGB), 32-bit / 4:2:2 (Y/Pb/Pr), 12-bit


  External : HDMI / HD-SDI / USB WEB-CAM / Component / Composite
Internal : Internal video file input

 Virtual studio




 Letter generator


 Display splitter

(9CH video and audio power level)


 Presentation mode support


 3D Video projection (Space Video)


 2D Video projection (PIP)


 Quality of transmitting video

  HD-108P/I, 30fps

 3D curved surface projection


 Virtual light projection


 Transition Effect
(Mix, Cut, Wipe, Dissolve .. 8 patterns)


 Auto Preset Panning & Zooming

 64 Bank

 Camera controller(embedded)




   Sampling Rate : 16-bit/48kHz


 SDI : Linear PCM, 16bit, 48kHz, 2~8ch
HDMI : Linear PCM, 16bit, 48kHz, 2~8ch
Analog I/O : RCA & 3.5mm analogue input/output
Internal : Internal video, audio file, CDP  


   Channel Effects : Low-cut Noise Gate, 3-Band EQ, Delay
Master Effects : I/O Mastering, 3-Band EQ, Cross-fading, Crossover mixing

 Digital audio mixer

(traditional fader GUI include)

 52 IN / 8 OUT

 HD Surround audio output


 3 Band PRE-Equalizer
(Low-Cut include)


 Cross Fading Preset Transition

 64 Bank


 Video source player


 CD player(audio mixer interlock)


 3D Max File I/O Interface


 Video recording

 MPEG4-1080P, WMV…



 Auto A/V Preset transition

 (audio mixer interlock)

 64 Bank Preset (8x8)

 Rehersal mode support


 Internet broadcast(IP streaming)


 A/V one-click integrate mixing